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2021「A zhao wu」Online Marketing Competition for International Students


1. The purpose of the competition:

    The original plan was to take international students who were unable to return home during the summer vacation to travel to Wufeng, and feel the friendly of Taiwan. However, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the plan will be changed to online tourism. At the same time, the online marketing competition is specially held through the production of online marketing works to cultivate International student marketing creative ideas.


2. Handler::

  • Supervisors: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA.

  • Organizer: Dragon Tour

  • Co-organiser: Wu-Feng Farmer's Association Distillery, Wu chun Tea Hall, JUST GO Shopping

  • Executor: Cultural and Food Resources Planning and Research Centerin Providence University, Friendship in Taiwan


3. Competition theme:

  • Produce online marketing works with creative ideas that use tourist attractions or local specialties in Wufeng District, Taichung City. (The format is not limited, such as web articles, FB/IG Post, Podcast, video, music, etc.). 


4. Eligibility:

  • International students studying in Taiwan.。

  • Register as a team, with 3 people in each group.

  • Entries must be original without counterfeiting or infringing on the intellectual property rights of others。


5. Competition schedule:

  • Group registration: August 12, 2021 at 24:00.

  • Receipt of works: August 20, 2021 at 24:00.

  • Online voting: From August 22, 2021 to August 30, 2021.

  • Result announcement: September 1, 2021.


6. Competition method::

  • The organizer will select relevant experts to serve as review members. (The organizer reserves the right of final decision).。

  • Online popularity voting on the FB with Friendship in Taiwan.

  • 評分標準:

40% review score.(60% creative, 20% expressive, 20% promotional)

60% online voting (According to the number of votes to convert the score ratio)。


7. Competition awards:

  • First place: 1 group gets NT$ 6000 and  free trip to Wufeng.

  • Second place: 1 group gets NT$ 3000 and free trip to Wufeng.

  • Third place: 1 group gets NT$ 1500 and free trip to Wufeng.

  • Excellent work: 7 groups get  free trip to Wufeng.

Note: The travel time  will be adjusted according to the epidemic situation.


  1. 競賽目的:


  1. 辦理單位:

  • 指導單位: 經濟部中小企業處

  • 主辦單位: 金龍永盛旅行社

  • 協辦單位: 霧峰農會酒莊、有春茶館、9愛購

  • 承辦單位: 靜宜大學文化美食資源規劃與研究中心

          Friendship in Taiwan

  1. 競賽主題:

  • 以台中市霧峰區之旅遊景點或當地特產為行銷標的,加入創新創意的發想,製作社群作品(形式不限:網路PO文、Podcast、影片、音樂等)。

  1. 參賽資格:

  • 全國大專校院、高中職在校之國際學生。

  • 本競賽以組報名,每組參賽3人。

  • 參賽作品須為原創無仿冒或侵害他人之智慧財產權。

  1. 競賽時程:

  • 組隊報名:即日起至110年8月12日(四) 24:00止。

  • 作品收件: 110年8月20日(五) 24:00止。

  • 網路投票: 110年8月22日(日)至110年8月30日(一)

  • 結果公告:110年9月1日(三)於網路公布名次。

  1. 評審方式:

  • 由主辦單位擇聘相關專家擔任評審委員。(主辦單位保留最後決定權)。

  • Friendship in Taiwan粉絲專頁進行網路人氣投票。

  • 評分標準:

40% 評審 (創意性60%、表現性20%、宣傳性20%)

60% 人氣投票 (依得票數換算分數比例)。

  1. 獎項內容:

  • 第一名:1組,獎金共6000元、阿罩霧之旅。

  • 第二名:1組,獎金共3000元、阿罩霧之旅。

  • 第三名:1組,獎金共1500元、阿罩霧之旅。

  • 佳  作:7組,阿罩霧之旅。

註: 阿罩霧之旅時間,視疫情狀況做調整。


1. Registration method:

  1. Link to the individual simple application form to join the Friendship In Taiwan VIP Club for international students at https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipInTaiwan/.

  2. Register as a group of three people, you can team up with VIP club members, or find two other people by yourself, and fill in the team registration form.

  3. Send the works and copyright authorization agreement to: banggo0605@gmail.com

  4. Copyright authorization consent

The organizer will send an E-mail notification after receiving the file.


2. Notice for Competition:

  1. All teams that have signed up to participate in this competition fully agree to accept the relevant rights and obligations raised by the organizer without any objection. 

  2. In order to promote this event, all participants should attach an authorization letter, agreeing to authorize the organizer to reproduce or publish in all activities related to this event free of charge. The organizer also has the right to compile the entries into any form of album for use as teaching materials or non-profit promotion.

  3. There is no limit for each school, but the same contestant cannot form multiple teams.

  4. Participants are requested to leave their real name, mailing address and contact number for the organizer to use for bonus, award certificate delivery or data processing; the organizer will not be held responsible for the failure to notify the prize information due to incorrect information.

  5. The collection, processing and use of personal data in this event shall comply with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

  6. Participants agree to abide by the provisions of this activity guide. If there are any issues that are not covered in this guide, the organizer reserves the right to amend and supplement.

  7. Contest contact:

Dragon Tour Project Manager-

Mr. Weibang, Li with Line ID: banggo0605.

Friendship in Taiwan Editor-
Ms. Peitsen, Hou with Line ID: tsen1998


  1. 報名方式:

    1. 請於Friendship in Taiwan粉絲專頁上連結個人報名表申請加入FIT國際學生VIP社團,網址https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipInTaiwan/

    2. 以三人為組報名,可於社團內找人組隊,亦或是自行尋找三人組隊,並於社團內填寫參賽隊伍報名表。

    3. 將社群作品與著作權授權同意書至: banggo0605@gmail.com,主辦單位將於收到檔案後,以E-mail回信告知。

    4. 授權同意書


  2. 其他事項:

    1. 凡經報名參加本次競賽活動之團隊,即完全同意接受主辦單位所提出之相關權利與義務,不得異議。

    2. 為推廣本活動,所有參賽者應檢附授權書,同意無償授權主辦單位供重製、出版或於本活動相關之一切活動中發表。主辦單位並擁有將該參賽作品編製成任何形式的專輯,以作為教材或非營利方式推廣之權利。

    3. 每校報名不限一隊,但同一參賽者不得重複組隊。

    4. 參賽者請留個人真實姓名、郵寄地址及聯絡電話供主辦單位做為獎金、獎狀寄發或資料處理之用;若因資料填寫錯誤致無法通知得獎訊息時, 主辦單位不負任何責任。

    5. 本次活動個人資料之蒐集、處理及利用應符合個人資料保護法之規定。

    6. 參賽者同意遵守本活動簡章之各項規定,本簡章如有未盡事宜,主辦單位有權修正、補充。

    7. 相關聯絡人:
      金龍永盛旅行社 SBTR計畫專案經理 李偉邦先生 Line: banggo0605。

                    Friendship in Taiwan 社群小編 侯佩岑女士 Line:tsen1998



** What is VIP club?

「VIP club」 is established by 「Friendship in Taiwan」, which is jointly organized by 「Chinese Creative Tourism Development Association」 and 「Cultural and Food Resources Planning and Research Centerin Providence University」. The purpose of 「Friendship in Taiwan」is to hope that international students studying in Taiwan can experience the beauty of Taiwan through the environment of "Taiwan Friendly Tourism". 

「Friendship in Taiwan」 will take regular trips to Taiwan for international students. The first-echelon tourist camp was successfully out of the group on 4/29. However, the second-echelon tourist camp in May came to a halt in response to the epidemic. 

Therefore, we changed to online activities and set up a 「VIP club」 specifically for international students. In the club, you can participate in lucky draws to get exquisite gifts, team up with international students from different schools and different countries to participate in competitions to get bonuses, and participate in the selection of free trips to Taiwan, and so on.If you don’t know what to do during the long and sultry summer vacation, join the VIP club and get a gift.


** Activities currently in progress?

Summer Trilogy;

First part: 2021「A zhao wu」(Formerly known as Wufeng District, Taichung City) Online Marketing Competition for International Students:  winning prizes with a total price of more than 100,000.

Second part: VIP club lucky draw day: Taiwan’s carefully selected souvenirs, Starbucks, Louisa and other well-known dining coupons will be drawn, as well as the biggest prize Airpods.

Third part: The 4th Tourism and Chain Management Cup Board Game Competition: Through the summer vacation community interaction and communication, expand the invitation real-world competition. The holding time is tentatively scheduled for late October depending on the epidemic situation.


** How do I join VIP club?

 In order to confirm the identity of the applicant and provide better services, please complete the following steps:

1. Fill out the following application form. https://reurl.cc/xGNKg4

2. Search for "Friendship in Taiwan_VIP club" on Facebook or connect to the community from "Friendship in Taiwan"

3. Join the club to meet more international students!


 ** Who can join VIP club?

International Students:  

1. No age limit, non-Taiwanese who are studying in Taiwan with a student certificate.

2. Including Taiwanese new immigrants and students from China, Hong Kong and Macau.

3. International students who have returned to the country but still retain their qualifications.

4. International students who are going to study in Taiwan.


** Who are captain Branches and Kappa Bang?

「Branches」 is the partner of the restaurant chain management board game developed by the team of Professor Wu. of the Department of Tourism Business of Providence University. This time, he will be the captain and lead the international students in Taiwan to visit Taiwan in depth.

 「Kappa Bang」 is a new partner specially invited by the captain to manage the VIP club. He will assist each to solve any problems about clubs and summer activities!


** What is 「VIP club lucky draw day」?

On the VIP club lucky draw day, selected souvenirs of Taiwan, Starbucks, Louisa and other well-known dining vouchers will be drawn, as well as the biggest prize Airpods. Join the "VIP CLUB" to participate in the lucky draw, and friends who recommend you to join can also get the same awards.

** What is 「Online Marketing Competition」?

Form a team in the VIP club to make short videos, creative photos, or FB posts about 「A zhao wu」(Formerly known as Wufeng District, Taichung City), and and you will have the opportunity to win a total of more than 100,000 rewards.

** 社群定位:

  1. Friendship in Taiwan: 

    組織國際學生遊台灣,體驗台灣最在地的文化風景  (以免費報名為主)


  1. VIP club: 參與免費旅遊的名額,由社團內之國際學生篩選出來



Friendship in Taiwan:  https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipInTaiwan

VIP club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fitvipclub

布蘭琪小館:  https://www.facebook.com/BoardGameBranches