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Winter 2019 | GLO Leadership Training Summit at National Taiwan University


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Leaders are not born. Leaders are trained day in, day out...based on the right framework. In 2 days of English-only workshops, we'll teach you skills our alumni apply at global firms like Google, Apple, Uber and in student organizations at UC Berkeley, Harvard, Columbia University, and more.

✦ Are you a student organization leader eager to foster a strong team culture and bring your club to new heights?

✦ Are you a working professional looking to develop gravitas, lead high visibility projects and meetings, and solve people management challenges?

✦ Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to break away from traditional career paths and do something different, something great for our world?

✦ Are you angry about the social issues plaguing our world now and want to know how to start your own movement?

Take a moment and think about all the leadership pain points you have experienced.

Ever been in meetings that have no clear objectives or agenda and always seem to run over time? Ever led or sat through a brainstorming session that lasted an hour when it should be done in less than 15 minutes?

▶ We teach you the frameworks of leading efficient brainstorming sessions and facilitating effective decision-making.

Eager to know how to get people to volunteer for the tasks they hesitate to do? Ever struggled to get people to contribute during projects and ensure every team member's voices are heard?

▶ We teach you delegative leadership, people management, and conflict resolution skills to help you lead the most energetic, collaborative team.

How do you articulate a vision to get others to join your cause? How do you go from ideation to implementation?

▶ We teach you how to be persuasive and deliver an energetic vision for anything you do. We teach you project management skills that you can apply at school, during extracurricular activities, and in your professional career.

This is NOT a summit where you sit, listen passively, and leave not knowing what tangible steps you can take to improve yourself.

At GLO, we teach and mentor. You speak, engage, and practice, practice, practice.

We give feedback in small group settings. You internalize, improve, and become a better version of yourself after 2 days.

We are here to solve your biggest leadership pain points, empower you to stand out in an increasingly competitive environemnt, and give you the techniques needed to make a positive splash in our world.

GLO's Mission 全球領袖組織的願景

Founded in 2012 at UC Berkeley, Global Leadership Organization is an international nonprofit dedicated to developing Social Transformative Leaders, individuals who take action on social issues they deeply care about.

We believe that the world improves faster when leaders with the right skills and attitude assemble teams to tackle today’s most pressing issues.


What is the GLO Leadership Training Summit? 什麼是 GLO 領袖高峰會

GLO brings together those with a proven track record of service and leadership. We develop leaders at our two-day Leadership Training Summit, training working professionals and students through hands-on, interactive small group workshops on 4 key skills:

1) Project Management
2) Meeting Management
3) People Management
4) Communication & Public Speaking

GLO 每年聚集在業界與校園具有社會服務與領導經歷的人才參與領袖高峰會,也邀請來自世界知名企業與名校的講師進行教學。因此,您能與具備熱情與能力的同儕一同學習,並與社會上的領導者進行交流。兩天的領袖高峰會能讓您的領導更有效率,使您在工作與校園中達成目標。

在領袖高峰會中,我們會訓練您四大領導技能: 專案管理會議管理人事管理溝通與公開演說。課程全程以英文進行,有充分練習英文會話與演說的機會,提供青年發揮潛能,並在未來發揮改變世界的影響力。

Why Attend? 為什麼要參加?

1) Look around you. What are you doing that nobody else is? Stand out with skills not taught by anyone and at school. Develop practical leadership skills that can you can apply right away in student organizations, nonprofits, and in the workplace. 學習在一般課堂上學不到的技能,在同儕中脫穎而出。發展能在校內社團 、非營利組織、及職場使用的實用領導技能。

2) Practice English public speaking skills to elevate your competitive advantage at school and in the workplace. 練習英語公共演講技巧,以提昇您在學校和職場上的競爭力。

3) Exchange ideas and network with counselors from top firms, such as Google, Apple, and Uber, as well as student leaders from UC Berkeley, Columbia University, and many more. 與業界專業人士(任職於 Google, Uber等等)及學生領袖(來自於加州大學柏克萊分校、哥倫比亞大學、賓州大學等)進行交流,拓展人際關係。


Application 如何報名

In addition to registering on Eventbrite, all applicants must complete this Google application form to be considered for the summit. You must submit the application form within 48 hours of Eventbrite registration.

You will only be considered for the summit if you have registered on Eventbrite AND completed the application form. We will notify you of your application results via email within 2-3 weeks after the regular registration deadline.

Early-bird registrations are accepted until 11:59 PM (GMT + 8:00) on November 24th, 2019. Regular registrations are accepted until 11:59 PM (GMT + 8:00) on December 8th, 2019. 


早鳥報名時間於臺灣時間 11/24 晚上 11:59 截止。報名時間於臺灣時間 12/08 晚上 11:59 截止。因為名額有限,我們會針對報名者進行篩選。報名後請耐心等待,我們會在報名截止日後的2-3週內寄發錄取通知。未被錄取者,我們會再退費給您。

Payment/Refund Policy 付款與退費說明

1) If your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund. 若您未被錄取,我們將會全額退款給您。

2) Registrants may request a refund 1 month before the summit. Refund requests within 2 weeks of the summit would be provided only on a case by case basis. Please email taiwan@gloleadership.org with a thorough explanation if you'd like to request a refund. 報名者得於高峰會開始前一個月前要求退款。於高峰會開始兩個禮拜前提出退款要求要求將會以個別形式受理。如果您想申請退款,請發送電子郵件至 taiwan@gloleadership.org 並提供詳細說明。